Friday, 4 April 2014

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Upate 8 June 2014 
 Some people (in the academic world, Golan Levin for one) seem to be pretty excited about the python mode in the processing ide, and this time it is being developed by Jonathan Feinberg.
Before you know it there will be a ruby mode for processing. May'be that might help ruby get some traction in the academic world (where "Windows" reigns supreme, even in bloody China, but probably not in Brazil).  Ruby has been notoriously unix centric (and benefits from the rational file structure and many damn useful unix tools) and for that reason some people find it difficult to use ruby on windows.

There are significant limitations to working in the processing ide with both languages (and even java processing for that matter). Which is why Jonathan is still offering a standalone
Ruby-processing is quite heavily embedded in the ruby eco-system (all jruby compatible gems are available, in addition to most java and processing libraries), and is likely to remain somewhat separate from the ruby mode in the processing ide (which is currently in development by Tyfkda).

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