Saturday, 24 November 2012

Getting Started

To get the latest version of you should install git if you are on some debian version of linux sudo apt-get install git, otherwise you can download git for windows mac etc here. I would also recommend that you get and install the latest version of openjdk-7 and apache-ant.
To be at the bleeding edge you will also need the latest jython-standalone.jar, the latest jars from processing where *** is your os/arch (svn download processing here). Get the latest here.

  • core.jar
  • opengl.jar
  • jogl-all.jar
  • jogl-all-natives-***.jar
  • gluegen-rt.jar
  • gluegen-rt-natives***.jar
The core.jar belongs in the folder, the other jars belong in folder (but I guess that might/should change). The jython-standalone.jar (as jython.jar) belongs in the folder. Just run "ant clean" and "ant" in the directory to re-compile You could follow instruction at or run from jEdit as described in my next posting.

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